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What Is VoIP, or Voice Over Internet Protocol? Everything You Need to Know

VoIP, also known as Voice over Internet Protocol or Voice over IP, is a way to make calls using the internet instead of a traditional phone system. All you need is a high speed internet connection and you can make VoIP calls using any device with internet access. That includes mobile devices as well!

Compared to a traditional telephone, VoIP technology gives you tons of incredible features that your phone service just can’t. Best of all, you can actually make calls at a lower cost compared to your regular phone service. With caller ID, no long distance charges, and affordable international calling, VoIP has phone companies shaking in their boots!

Everything You Need To Know

How Does Voice Over IP Work?

What Are Your Business VoIP Needs

So, what is VoIP exactly? As the name says, it’s an internet protocol designed specifically to transmit voice signals. The internet doesn’t treat all forms of data in the same way. Voice in particular has a few unique requirements. For example, you need real time transmission, otherwise a VoIP call would be impossible.

A VoIP call begins with another protocol called the “session initiation protocol”. This tells the other device that a VoIP call is incoming and that it should get ready to use VoIP. This session initiation is a lot like how your phone line rings before you pick it up and actually start talking. Once the other device responds, the two machines use VoIP to communicate.

Instead of sending signals over phone lines with electronic signals, VoIP calls turn your voice into data packets which can be sent through your internet service provider.

What’s the Difference Between VoIP Service and My Phone Service?

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VoIP phone calls use a completely different transmission method from your telephone company. An analog phone makes telephone calls by using something called the public switched telephone network. Remember the old images of women plugging cables into a giant switchboard? They were literally creating physical connections between phone lines.

Now that process is managed by computers and automation. However, the underlying infrastructure hasn’t changed. You connect directly when you call a phone number, which means you can’t use a mobile device or computer. You’re stuck using a traditional phone.

VoIP services are not limited by landlines. You can be anywhere, call from any device, and dial any phone number. All you need is an internet connection. VoIP uses the internet to send both voice and data, meaning you can do much more than just make phone calls when you sign up with a VoIP provider.

What Features Do VoIP Services Offer?

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VoIP services can replace your business phone system entirely with VoIP phones capable of making voice calls and using the internet to perform some amazing tricks. Want instant messaging alongside your phone call? VoIP can do that. Need to call emergency services? VoIP solutions exist for that too!

Ask your VoIP service provider about automation tools like an auto attendant or menu system for callers. You may want to consider looking for VoIP service providers that offer artificial intelligence features. These can analyze your calls and determine how well you interacted with your client to improve your customer service.

Since the internet doesn’t care where your data comes from, you can usually get free unlimited calling in the United States without any long distance charges. International calls can be had for much less than what your telephone service charges as well.

Will VoIP Work for My Business?

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Many business owners are looking for a way to save money on phone service, and VoIP is the perfect solution. But will it work? Rest assured that a VoIP phone system is easy to set up and requires little more than a solid internet connection.

VoIP providers come in all shapes and sizes. If you’re a small business that just needs a virtual phone number, there are companies that provide unlimited calling for as little as $10 a month for a single number! If you want to swap out your traditional telephone system for a complete VoIP phone system, you can do that too!

All you need is internet access for your devices. If you choose to use IP phones, or phones that only work using VoIP, you’ll need to make sure you have Wi-Fi or an Ethernet port nearby.

How Can I Get Started Using VoIP?

Start by comparing your options. We’ve reviewed dozens of VoIP providers to help you find the one that’s right for you. Consider what features you need and set a budget for your monthly phone bill. You’ll be ready to use VoIP in no time!

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