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Top 10 Nextiva Alternatives in 2021: Services Comparison

Nextiva is one of the business phone systems you’ll read about a lot on this site, and for good reason! It’s an excellent unified communications company, and one of the best VoIP providers. But there are plenty of Nextiva alternatives that you should consider for your business phone system.

The truth is that you can find all of Nextiva’s best features in other businesses. Whether you need instant messaging, video conferencing, integrations with other apps, or just want to make free long-distance calls with your virtual phone number, you can get all of those features and more with our Nextiva alternatives. So, let’s take a closer look at ten awesome Nextiva alternatives.

The 10 Best Nextiva Alternatives for Your Business Phone System

1. RingCentral: The Same Features at a Great Price


RingCentral is probably the most direct competitor to Nextiva out there. Their cloud-based phone system is very similar to what Nextiva offers, with many of the same features like unified communications through their mobile and desktop software. Their calling features are very similar, with toll-free numbers, call forwarding, and unlimited calling in the US and Canada.

RingCentral’s VoIP service is excellent and delivers high-quality calls on the regular. Small businesses love RingCentral since you can invite clients or coworkers to join your instant messaging groups for free without paying for each individual user. You only pay for people who need all the features and a personal phone number.

RingCentral is a bit cheaper than Nextiva, at least until you reach at least 20 employees. At $19.99 per user per month, the essentials plan makes RingCentral one of the best Nextiva alternatives. Even if you need more features, the $24.99 per month Standard plan is a better deal than Nextiva’s mid-level plan. However, RingCentral doesn’t give more discounts for larger organizations, so if you have more than 20 people on board Nextiva may still be a better option.

2. Dialpad: From the Developers Who Made Google Voice

Dialpad Small Business VoIP

Dialpad is a virtual phone service provider that is committed to delivering the latest features at a reasonable price. Dialpad users get crystal clear calls and an easy-to-use app. You get unique features like voicemail to email free video conferencing (for up to 45 minutes) with call recording options.

You can trust Dialpad for your business calls. These developers used to work for Google and developed the Google Voice VoIP solution! However, since Google didn’t want to keep pouring resources into VoIP, the Dialpad crew left to create their own VoIP system.

At just $15 per user per month, it’s pretty hard to beat Dialpad’s entry-level plan. You save $5 per month if you opt to be billed annually, paying the full year upfront. You can get phone numbers in over 50 countries if you opt for the Pro plan at $25 per month.

3. 8×8: The Best Per Month Price

8×8 aims to be the best business communication solution on the planet, and they’re making a strong case. Although their main source of income comes from the X-series, their professional phone system, they also offer an affordable service called 8×8 Express.

This cloud-based phone service is perfect for businesses both big and small. It gives you features that competitors can’t touch at this price. You get unlimited video conferencing, an easy-to-use app, and support for as many users as you’d like. All for just $12 per user per month! It’s hard to beat pricing like that.

4. Grasshopper: For the Fledgling Small Business

Grasshopper virtual phone number

Sometimes you’re just starting out in the business world and you don’t need all these fancy features like artificial intelligence and a full-blown call center to handle your clients. Maybe all you need is a business phone number, a high-quality app for your mobile phone, and a little bit of auto-attendant support to make sure you never miss a call.

If that sounds like you, consider calling Grasshopper. While it’s not the cheapest option on our list, at $26 per user per month, this service provider can help your small business get off the ground and look professional in seconds. They even offer vanity phone numbers so that you can make your customers call 1-Bobs-Burger.

5. Aircall: Integrations at a High Per User Per Month Cost

Aircall VoIP Service

We aren’t going to sugarcoat it: Aircall is the most expensive option you’re going to see on our list today. But just because Aircall isn’t cheap doesn’t mean it isn’t worth a closer look. Features like call recording and call management are included even with the entry-level plan. Voicemail to email and video calls are likewise part of the deal.

So, compared to the other Nextiva alternatives here, what makes Aircall special? It’s all about integrations with Aircall. They have their own app store where you can download plugins to integrate Aircall with other software. Over 50 integrations are available with the base plan, but it comes at a cost.

At $30 per user per month, Aircall is an expensive VoIP service provider. All of their plans are billed annually, so be ready to shell out for the full year.

6. Vonage Business: The Best Quality Call

Vonage High Quality VoIP Calls

Vonage has been in the business for longer than any other VoIP option on our list. While their pricing isn’t anything to write home about, their customer support and quality software provide a reliable VoIP call whenever you need it, wherever you need it.

Vonage used to only provide home service, but now its business plans are available to everyone. At $19.99 per user, it’s not the cheapest, but it isn’t ridiculously expensive either. You get calling from your mobile device through their app, and you can use a regular phone with an adapter or buy a VoIP phone straight from Vonage.

Vonage prides itself on quality customer service, so if you have a problem with your VoIP calls, just let them know. They have a huge network of installers if you need professional help setting up your VoIP system.

7. Ooma Office: Transparent Pricing and Quality Service

Omma VoIP Pricing Table

Ooma’s home phone service gives users a powerful device that turns their landline into a VoIP line. But for business users, Ooma has something a bit more traditional in mind. Ooma Office gives businesses a virtual office phone number and access to it from anywhere using the Ooma mobile app.

You get the typical calling features every business needs: Voicemail to email, an auto attendant to handle incoming calls, and call recording in the cloud. However, one disappointing factor with Ooma is that their desktop software is locked behind a higher plan, the Pro level which costs $24.99 a month. While Ooma’s pricing isn’t outrageous, limiting the customer to mobile-only is a bit of a letdown.

8. GoToConnect: Kickstart Your Call Center

GoToConnect VoIP Call Center

If you’re not familiar with GoToConnect, ask yourself if you’ve heard of Jive or GoToMeeting. These products have been rolled into one system: GoToConnect. Their main feature is call center software that’ll knock your socks off!

Good customer support requires flexibility and responsiveness. You don’t want your customer sitting on the phone for an hour on hold while your workers are dealing with another call. GoToConnect speeds up your processes by letting you design your own contact center. When someone calls your business, you decide how they are handled.

Perhaps the auto attendant directs them to one of a few departments. From there, you have a hierarchy of workers who can answer the call. Each individual user can decide if they want the call to be sent to their mobile app or to their desk phone, or their PC. All of these features are available for $29.95 a month for small groups, but the price drops the more users you have.

9. Zoom: No Calls, No Problem

Zoom webinar

Hey, not every business needs a bunch of virtual phone numbers or a fancy communications solution. Maybe a video call is all you’re looking for. If that’s the case, nobody beats Zoom. With a reliable network, and free plans with 40-minute video calls, what’s not to love?

Granted, inbound calls are not available on any of Zoom’s plans, and they don’t offer any contact center software or anything that could provide a unified communications solution, but they’ve got the best video in the game! Who wants voicemail anyway in 2021? At about $15 per month for a personal license, you can have up to 300 users on your video call.

With Zoom, you get screen sharing and top-quality audio and video support. You can use call recording on your local PC or on the cloud, something not all video conferencing options offer. They are also very good at listening to the customer and fulfilling any features request that comes in. Zoom has only gotten better over the last year as a result.

10. Google Voice: No Plans, Unbeatable Price

google voice virtual phone number

How would you like to get your hands on a virtual phone number for free? That’s right, free ninety-nine! No plans, no contracts, no complicated choices to make, just sign up and get a number. How does it work?

Google Voice gives US customers a free virtual phone number that can receive unlimited calls from US numbers. You can take this anywhere and use it as long as you have internet access, so even if you’re strolling through Lichtenstein, you can call your family back in the US without paying a dime.

This could be good for small businesses that don’t need to sign up many users. If all you’re looking for is another number for your clients to contact you, Google Voice might just be the perfect solution.

Find the Top Solution for You

When you’re looking for Nextiva alternatives–or any VoIP system for that matter–you need to take your own needs into consideration. Much like buying a car or a house, you don’t need all the features that companies love to show off. You just need to figure out what works best for your company.

Fortunately, as you can see, there’s something for everyone in the VoIP world. It doesn’t matter how complex or how simple your company is, there’s a provider that has the exact combination of features at a pricing level that’s right for you. So analyze yourself and start shopping.

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