Replacing Your U-Verse Battery Backup

Replacing Your U-Verse Battery Backup

In this post we’ll cover how to replace your battery when using the AT&T U-verse battery backup

First, you’ll want to unplug your backup, making sure not to bend the plug prongs. You’ll also want to unplug any other devices or adapters that might be connected. At the back of the backup there is a door. That door needs to come off. Gently slide the lithium battery out of the unit. Once you have it mostly out, you’ll see the quick connect for the terminals. Now take your new battery out of it’s package. Gently slide it in and connect it to the red and black wires.  Ok, now slide the battery fully into the unit and close the cover once again.

Is it time to replace your battery on your U-verse backup?

There is a yellow LED on the front of your Belkin RG Battery Backup. When it is time, you’ll know it! There is an alarm that will beep every few seconds to let you know the battery is low. This pesky sound continues until you shut the backup down or, the unit completely runs out of battery.  There is a red LED on the side facing you. That will flash and beep every few seconds as your batter completely depletes. At this point you cannot recharge your battery, you’ll need to get a completely new one. Since the entire concept of a backup is to run from a battery, you’ll need to get a new battery in order for 

What kind of life span should I expect from the ATT U-verse Residential Backup

Typically you will see three to five years of continued use from your backup. There are several factors though that can add or subtract from this number. Load, operating temp and how many times it needs to work are a few. The average temp of the room will also affect the battery. Ideally not too hot and not too cold.

How much time do I have if we lose power?

The average time of back up is four hours. But that is only if the Belking RG Battery Backup is backing up a single device. Your outcome may be different and that depends again on temperature, load, battery age and the region where the battery is operating.

How long will it take for my battery to recharge?

The average time for a recharge is eighteen hours.

Is it possible to use the Belkin Residential Gateway Backup and the ATT U-verse  as soon as I replace the battery, or do I need to wait for it to fully recharge?

The belkin battery comes with a nearly or full charge. However, it is not necessary for the battery to fully charge. To get going, simply plug in the new battery and you are ready to go. The install is fast and easygoing as well as your unit can be operational as soon as your install is complete.

Is it safe to plug other devices other than AT&T products into my backup unit?

Certainly, however if you are looking to get the most out of your ATT Uverse system, then you probably shouldn’t. The reason is, every new appliance is counted as additional load and will overall lower the time that your backup will run in case of power failure. The ideal solution would be for you to look at another device for backup of additional gadgets.

What frequency is recommended for replacing the battery?

Normally you will want to change out the battery every three to five years. That is when you assume average running circumstances.  Belkin has designed the backup so that the proper notificaiton always happens. You will know when you should exchange the backup battery. To get the most out of your backup, try and replace the battery before it has zero capacity.

What is the length of coverage for my warranty on the AT&T U-verse Residential Gateway Battery Backup?

Each battery arrives with a full replacement warranty for the period of one year. If you like, you are able to buy an extra warranty for up to three years.

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