How Long Does It Take to Install VoIP for a Business

How Long Does It Take to Install VoIP for a Business?

Every day, more businesses switch to a virtual phone system. Powered by VoIP, these systems can save your company money and make it easier to track your calling activity. However, many managers are understandably wary of making the switch. After all, why fix something that already works? Fortunately, you can set up a VoIP for business system in as little as a couple of hours. Even more complicated setups can be dealt with quickly.

How Long Does It Take to Install VoIP for Business?

Account Creation and Initial Setup

If all you need is a VoIP number, you can have it up and running in as little as 10 minutes with the right provider! Just go to the sales page of the VoIP provider you’ve chosen, pay for the lines you need, and enter your account to start configuring your settings.

You’ll need to designate one of the lines you bought as your main business number. Once you’ve done this, you can log into the software given to you by your VoIP provider and start using your number. It really is that simple! Most VoIP services activate their numbers instantly.

User Configuration

Now, if you have multiple users on your account, you might need to spend a little more time configuring their lines and how they will interact with your main number. Do you want each employee to have their own phone number? Or would you prefer to have a central number, but assign extensions to different workers? You can mix both of these approaches to have numbers for different departments, such as sales or support.

You’ll need to add each user to your account. Use your employees’ company emails to do this efficiently. Once they’re in the system, you can start assigning their extensions or phone numbers based on how many lines you purchased. It generally doesn’t take more than 5 minutes per person to get everyone set up.

Software Installation

The beauty of VoIP is that it lets everyone make and receive calls from any device that has internet access. However, for that to happen you have to install the provider’s software on all of those devices. If your IT is rather advanced, you can get your IT admins to push the software directly to every computer in the company. Otherwise, you’ll have to do it manually.

Tell your team members to download the app for their phones or tablets, and send them the link to download their desktop or laptop software. Many hands make this go much faster. Then they just have to log in and they’re set.

Cloud PBX and IP Phone Setup

If you intend on using desk phones with VoIP, you’ll need to put in a little extra work here. IP phones have a unique identifying address, which you’ll need to upload to your VoIP provider’s admin panel. Assign each phone a line or an extension so people can call it directly. We’d recommend setting up one phone at a time so you can test them as you go.

In any case, even the most complex VoIP setup can be configured in as little as a single Saturday. It’s that easy!

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