GoToMeeting vs Zoom

GoToMeeting vs Zoom: Which Is The Best Video Conferencing Software?

While Google Hangouts and Skype are two of the best video conferencing software platforms around, large corporations that have hundreds or thousands of employees need video conferencing software that can accommodate all participants, such as GoToMeeting and Zoom.

Video meetings were once a luxury, but with the events that are currently taking place around the world, the need for communication apps has never been more in demand. Luckily, if you are an enterprise that needs HD video and audio tools, there are two excellent choices.

Which One Is Used for Video Conferencing?

Both applications have the capacity to host thousands of meeting attendees in real time. They are both reliable for businesses of any size and provide crystal-clear audio and video calls. If you’re not sure which one is the right option for your company, we are here to help you make your final decision.

What Is Zoom?

Zoom video conferencing is one of the easiest to use web conferencing platforms for online meetings, virtual work meetups, and more. This software works across desktop and mobile devices and has plenty of great tools that allow you to host seamless meetings.


This collaboration tool can be used to support communication, no matter where the people on each call are based. Anyone can set up and host this video conferencing software. To start using video meetings, all you have to do is go to the company website and click on “sign up” in the corner of your screen. You can sign up using your work email address or choose a single sign-on session using your Facebook or Google account.

You will then receive a confirmation email to verify your account. Users can use the web-based version or download the desktop application. Mobile users can download the platform from the App or Play store and then follow the on-screen directions. To join a real time conference, simply log into your account and join using a meeting link or by clicking on the join icon and entering a meeting ID.


The standard Zoom Basic plan is available to everyone for free, although it is best suited for home use or small businesses. With this plan, each video conference can only last for up to 40 minutes, though you can run as many concurrent meetings as you want. Each free video conference can accommodate up to 100 people.

If your enterprise is doing most of its communication and collaboration online, the free plan will not be enough. The Basic plan has group collaboration features but does not have features that would allow participants and hosts to fully control their meetings.


With a recent trend in “Zoombombing” (where unauthorized users log into calls they were not invited to), many businesses wonder whether this application is safe. Features such as the waiting room and the ability to lock your rooms make it easy to monitor who is accessing your calls. If you want to disable encryption, notifications, recording, or the chat, you will need to upgrade to one of Zoom’s higher-tiered plans to do so.

An enterprise that has privacy concerns can ensure the highest level of security by using the web browser-based version, as its security features are much better and faster than that of the desktop version. For example, anyone can copy and redistribute the installer, which can have malware hidden inside of it. If you must download the desktop version, you should only download the installer from the company’s official website.

Key Features


The purpose of video conferencing software is to simulate face-to-face meetings. If you want to make your meetings as realistic as possible, choosing the application with the best video quality is crucial.

This application displays 1080p video and includes user controls that allow you to fine-tune your video quality. For example, you can highlight presenters during your meeting or place focus on the users in a grid-like gallery. The Default gallery view displays up to 25 users under normal circumstances, and it can display as many as 49.


Local documentation is available with all plans, including Basic. Each session will automatically save on your local device, and there are no capacity limits, making it easy to record longer meetings. However, this feature is not available on the iOS or Android apps, which means you will need to use cloud recordkeeping in cases where you are using your smartphone.

Chat transcriptions are also recorded and saved during cloud recording. Basic, Pro, and Business plans each include 1GB of cloud space per user. If you exceed these limits, you can add on storage space starting at $1.5 GB on a $40/month plan. Additional space on the $100/month plan begins at $.50/GB, and $.10/GB on $500 monthly plans.


It is relatively easy to schedule meetings using both apps. When scheduling meetings on this platform, you can set the date and time and choose whether each meeting is recurring. There are also a few adjustable settings that allow users to customize meetings, password-protect meetings, and send scheduled meetings to Google, Outlook, or Yahoo Calendar. This application also has a more streamlined user interface and is easy to use.


Screen share capabilities are important because this gives presenters the opportunity to demonstrate software or share progress on projects with viewers. You will discover mouse and keyboard sharing, the option to pass the screen to others, application view, Chrome web browser view, desktop sharing, mobile device VoIP app-sharing, and whiteboard drawing tools.

Participants can also control what’s happening on shared screens and may be able to share their screens consecutively. This video conferencing software wins in the category of screen sharing, thanks to its better range of features like dual-monitor sharing and the option to only share a portion of their screen.

Always Make Yourself Look Good on Screen

There is also a settings section where you can change the aspect ratio of your webcam as well as select which webcam to use. If you’re not happy with how you look on camera, you can use the “Touch Up My Appearance” setting to soften your features during each call. This setting is especially helpful in environments with harsh lighting.


If you want to use this video conferencing software for your video meetings, you will need to look beyond the free plan, especially if you require a longer meeting. With a paid plan, you can extend any meeting up to 24 hours. Business and Enterprise plans allow users to brand video conferences with their company logo.

The enterprise plan also comes with a customer success manager and unlimited cloud storage for files and recordings, plus the ability to accommodate an extra 500 attendees per meeting.


This platform includes four plans: Basic, Pro, Business, and Enterprise. Pro and Business accounts begin at $14.99 and $19.99/month, respectively. Enterprise accounts are only $19.99/month and can host between 500 and 1500 participants. Business and Enterprise plans also include cloud documentation, built-in security features and are FERPA, HIPPAA, PIPEDA, and PHIPA compliant.

Who Is Using This Platform?


Video conferencing makes collaboration among lawyers easy because they can meet with each other virtually, no expensive cross-country flights required. Though most law offices use messaging applications such as Slack, video conferencing features such as gallery view make it easy for teams to collaborate simultaneously. The ability to share screens also makes it easy to display presentations and legal documents across multiple attorneys.

Plus, video conferencing can be used for delivering dispositions remotely or holding virtual mediations. Conference room integration (Zoom rooms) are easy to install and use, which is helpful for lawyers who want to get their virtual offices set up quickly. It is best for attorneys to choose a platform with enough space for cloud based recordkeeping, as documenting information is crucial in this type of business.


Many healthcare professionals prefer this application because it is HIPAA compliant, which is mandatory when you are working with sensitive patient medical data. In addition to Basic, Pro, and Business, and Enterprise, this platform also has a telehealth plan that is also compliant with the PIPEDA (Personal Information Protection and Electronic Document) Act and the PHIPA (Personal Health Information and Protection) Act.

Additionally, this version features high-quality HD video streaming even when a hospital’s bandwidth is tapped out. Multiple screen shares make it easy for doctor communication, and the integrative features work seamlessly with Epic, a popular workflow solution in telemedicine. Doctors and nurses can even integrate medical devices like exam camera and stethoscopes using this platform.


With the onset of stay-at-home restrictions, it’s no surprise that video conferencing software has become popular among educators for distance learning purposes. With LMS integrations such as Blackboard, Canvas, Moodle, and Distance2Learn, teachers can easily create an environment that mimics the traditional classroom as close as possible. It also provides a FERPA-compliant classroom where students’ personal data is protected.

It also protects both moving and resting data using a 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard and a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption. Teachers can lock each meeting to ensure that participants are safe, easily take attendance with gallery view, and use the chatbox feature to communicate in the event of technical difficulties.

What Is GoToMeeting?

GoToMeeting is another popular video conferencing tool that people within large businesses can use to communicate. One of the best features of this platform is its solutions suite, which provides users with significant flexibility. This platform includes several features such as HD video, secure SLL encryption, and screen sharing, which is perfect for largescale businesses.


To sign up for an account, you’ll have to visit the hub, where you can set up your room, invite others to join, and schedule/reschedule events. Once you set up your room (by clicking on “Set Up Your Room”), you can define your meeting, set your audio controls, personalize the interface, and then create a password. Then you can invite participants to join you.

After you click “Start,” it will take you to a page where you can download the desktop application.


This application has different pricing tiers for businesses from small startups all the way to enterprise-level corporations. There is also a free version, which also imposes 40-minute time limits on each meeting.


It is an excellent platform, but any enterprise-level users will require more than what the free plan offers. All paid plans feature screen sharing, HD video, unlimited time limits, and unlimited meetings. All business plans come with valuable features such as automatic transcription services, unlimited cloud recording, and note-taking abilities.

This software also includes SSL encryption regardless of which plan you choose, providing you with an extra layer of privacy and security. While the API does not currently have editable features, it still comes with a few CRM integrations for Salesforce, Slack, Google Calendars, and Office 365. It can also integrate with Jive and GoToWebinar, making it a strong software suite for all of your webinar and video conferencing needs.


If you do not want to download the desktop application, you can use the web browser version, which is run entirely online. This is especially useful when there are security restrictions on your server. With that being said, it is important to keep in mind that some features of the desktop app may not be available in web browser format.


This platform has three standard plans: Professional, Business, and Enterprise. Professional and Business pricing is $12 or $16 per month, respectively. Professional accounts can host up to 150 participants and comes with cloud recordkeeping built-in security features and is HIPAA compliment. If your company needs a video conferencing package that can accommodate up to 3,000 attendees, you can call for custom pricing.

Key Features


This application has detailed video meeting settings. While you can’t soften your appearance, you can use adjust factors like contrast, hue, saturation, brightness, sharpness, and gamma using adjustable sliders.

One of the most powerful video settings in this software is its powerline frequency, which lets you reduce monitor flicker using low refresh rates. In the category of video communications, GoToMeeting takes the cake as the best video conferencing tool for managing how your online meetings look and feel.


When it comes to saving your calls, GoToMeeting is the winner. Unlike its competitor, which charges extra for additional storage, this platform has unlimited cloud space on its Business plans. This factor is important for businesses that store protected health information, including recordings that disclose patient information, as storage can become costly quickly.

Additionally, you can archive recordings of both calls and video conferences, making it easy to search through and share recorded conferences.


You can schedule meetings on this platform with ease. Like its competitor, you can choose whether the meeting will recur, as well as the starting date and time, and integrate scheduling into Google Calander. Unfortunately, this program lacks in its ability to customize the meeting within the application itself, and you won’t be able to password-protect meetings.


GoToMeeting includes standard screen sharing features, including mouse and keyboard sharing, the ability to pass screens, desktop sharing, drawing tools for whiteboards, Chrome-based web browser screen sharing, application-level sharing, and mobile VoIP app-sharing. Unfortunately, it does not have as many screen sharing functionalities as its competitor, causing it to fall short in this category.

Who Is Using GoToMeeting?


Law offices around the world can benefit from this software, primarily because it beats out the competition with its unlimited cloud based storage capacity. Breakout rooms called GoToRooms are available for group sessions as well as local recordings that automatically save straight to devices.

Since users can access unlimited storage space, lawyers will never have to worry about having to pay extra to support their recordkeeping responsibilities.


Since the PIPEDA and PHIPA acts are the Canadian counterparts of the HIPAA Act, GoToMeeting is not compliant, making it a lesser choice than its competition. However, it is still useful for its multiple screens but does have as many integrations. While it does have a few tools for telehealth providers, it also doesn’t have a specific telemedicine package. Still, it is HIPAA compliant and offers plenty of unlimited storage space for patient health information.


GoToMeeting’s excellent transcription abilities make it easy for students to review and study concepts they did not grasp the first time around. This platform’s natural language processing functions allow for clear-cut and accurate transcriptions. With this application, educators can also assign pupils with personalized URLs for easy sign-in. This platform also comes with SSL encryption for data in motion, and at rest, so student privacy is never an issue.

Plus, educators can store notes and transcriptions while taking advantage of unlimited cloud space. The only drawback is that it does not share the same integration features as its competition, which means it may be more challenging for educators to simulate a physical classroom, keep order, and monitor their students’ attention levels.

Which Video Conferencing Software Is the Best?

If you need a largescale solution for a conference room style video meeting, both of these apps are two of the best in the video conferencing industry. Whether you are using a desktop or mobile device, each of these tools works flawlessly, depending on your individual needs and solutions. Instead of relying on using the phone, you can now join other people no matter where they are in the world, with high-quality audio and video systems.

The platform that you buy will largely depend on what you are using your video meetings to do. Law offices can benefit the most from GoToMeeting because of its storage capabilities and easy collaboration support. Due to compliance laws, integrations, and monitoring tools, healthcare professionals and educators may opt not to buy it for its lack of tools and resources in these categories.

If your company requires reliable video conferencing software for any business communication needs, please contact VOIP Virtual today to learn more about how our solutions can help support and unify your communications.

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