7 Benefits of Adding VoIP Phone Service for Your Business

7 Benefits of Adding VoIP Phone Service for Your Business

What do the Orlando Magic, Detroit Lions, Triumph Motorcycles, and Stanley Steemers all have in common? The answer is VoIP. These businesses and thousands of others have switched to using a VoIP phone service for business in lieu of traditional phone lines. VoIP is no longer a niche product reserved for specific applications. It’s the way of the future, and it’s here today. With dozens of high-quality VoIP providers to choose from, finding a VoIP phone service for business is extremely easy. Now there are providers that specialize in small businesses, others that cater to massive enterprises, and everything in between. So, what is it about these services that has executives everywhere kicking their phone company to the curb? Take a look at some of the benefits that you’ll get from switching to VoIP, and you’ll understand why it’s so popular.  


7 Benefits of Adding VoIP Phone Service for Your Business


 Less Time on the Phone


Wait a second, if VoIP is so great, wouldn’t you want to spend more time on the phone? On the contrary, the more time you’re spending on the phone, the less likely you are to get work done. Even if your job is to cold call for sales, ideally you’d like to get through as many calls as possible, spending less time on each one until you strike gold with a potential client. VoIP turbocharges your calling experience. Since VoIP calls are made through intuitive apps, you can tap your keyboard to dial a number, use a headset that’s already plugged into your computer, and kiss that neck pain goodbye. Phone calls become much easier to execute and complete with a VoIP system. Even tasks like putting someone on hold or transferring a call to another person in the office become extremely easy. But these actions take just seconds with your current phone system, you say. If you shave even a fraction of that time off with a better system and multiply that by the hundreds or thousands of calls you handle, you’ll see a boost in productivity.  


 More Efficient Call Handling


How many times do you get a call that shouldn’t have gone to you in the first place? Now you’ve got to figure out if the correct person is in the office, transfer the call, and get back to work. With VoIP, you can configure your call handling to be far more efficient. For example, you can create custom filters that force any caller from a specific area code to be routed to a specific individual assigned to that area. You could create lists that automatically direct calls from certain numbers to go to their respective representatives, even if they dial your main business number. Likewise, you can block unwanted calls so as not to tie up your reps. But what if someone’s out to lunch or taking an extended bathroom break? That’s not a problem. Set up your call forwarding rules and watch the internet go to work. You could set it so that if one worker doesn’t pick up after 7 rings, the call will automatically be sent to someone else. And if you do have to transfer someone yourself, you’ll know if they’re in since desktop apps let people set their status.  


 Make Changes With Ease


Now, all of that configuration sounds like a headache. But in reality, it couldn’t be any easier. All you have to do is log into your account and make the adjustments that you need. With your phone company, you’d have to get on the horn and tell them to change things for you. With VoIP, you’re in control. Assign an account manager and let them run the show.


 Improve Your Customer Service


Better call handling means shorter wait times and more efficient calls. Your customers will thank you. Some VoIP phone systems even have CRM tools that let you keep track of every call you’ve had with a customer. If someone calls with a problem, the first responder can leave notes for whoever picks up the phone when they call back. Never again will you have to ask your customers to constantly provide the same information over and over when they call repeatedly. You’ll know everything in an instant.   Best of all, several VoIP providers offer call analytics that will help you understand where you’re wasting time on phone calls. Some even have advanced AIs that will listen in on your call and identify how your caller is feeling based on their word choice or tone of voice. You can guide your service reps and make sure your customers feel satisfied every time they call.


 Customize Your Phone Numbers


Perhaps you dream of the perfect 1-800 number for your company. Maybe you’d like a vanity number that spells out your last name to impress your business partners. Or maybe all you want is to pretend like you’re a local business by buying local phone numbers around the country. All of that is possible with VoIP. Most VoIP providers give you the option to purchase any variety of phone numbers. And if they don’t have the number you want, you can often find them available on other websites for resale. Get it there and port it over to your new VoIP provider and you’re all set. If multiple numbers aren’t what you’re looking for, just get one and use dozens of extensions instead. The choice is yours.


 Save Money on Phone Bills


All of these features must be pretty expensive, right? Actually, you might find yourself saving serious coin at the end of the month. Phone companies have to spend a significant portion of their budget maintaining outdated infrastructure. When you consider that many phone lines were placed nearly a century ago, it’s no wonder they have to constantly replace pieces of their network. Meanwhile, VoIP works over your internet connection. Maintenance is a non-issue. That means you get to save a ton. Plus, you won’t get raked over the coals by the ridiculous per-minute rates that phone companies charge. VoIP phone numbers usually include unlimited calling, and when they do charge you, the price is minimal.  


 Make Calls From Anywhere


If you’re a solopreneur or small business owner, you know how important it is to be flexible. Maybe you don’t have a dedicated office space or you’re a frequent business traveler. Whatever the case, you’re not anchored to your desk. Your work number shouldn’t be either. With a VoIP phone system for business, just download the provider’s mobile app and you can take your number with you. As long as your cell phone has internet, you’re good to go. Install the desktop version or use a web browser plugin to make calls from your home PC or laptop. Your business phone number never leaves your side. You can’t get freedom like that from your local phone company.


Get a VoIP Phone Service for Business Now


We’ve just scratched the surface of some of the benefits of business VoIP systems. We’ve reviewed several in our quest to find the best VoIP providers for businesses, so check out those reviews and keep coming back to VoIPVirtual for more info on the latest VoIP phone service for business news.  

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