6 Qualities You'll Find in the Best VoIP Services

6 Qualities You’ll Find in the Best VoIP Services

If you’re in the market for a virtual phone system for your business, make sure you get one with the best features. The best VoIP services have several quality features that you should look for. When you shop VoIP options, don’t settle for anything that doesn’t offer these six qualities.

6 Qualities You’ll Find in the Best VoIP Services

1. Unlimited Calling

The last thing you should have to worry about when you sign up for VoIP service is whether you’ve got enough minutes to make or receive a phone call. While some VoIP providers have very cheap plans with limited minutes, most have unlimited calling.

Unlimited calling will apply to the country where you got your virtual phone number. If you get a virtual number in the US, then you’ll have unlimited inbound and outbound calls in the US.

2. Advanced Call Routing

Instead of just having your customers call a single number and ring a warehouse full of phone operators, set up advanced call routing. You can sort callers by area code, country code, or even route callers who have called you before. Send them to an auto attendant to give them a menu so they can route themselves!

And if employees are sick or taking an extended lunch break, you can even set up call forwarding to make sure that any calls that reach their desks are answered by somebody in your organization.

3. Customer Service Features

Business phone systems can help you provide better customer service. Look for VoIP services that have features like call recording so you can review your customer service calls. Features like Listen and Whisper allow you to silently monitor a call and talk to the service rep without the caller knowing you’re there.

Integrations with apps like Salesforce can also help you provide better customer service. Look for providers that have an app store or a wide selection of integrations for best results.

4. International Numbers

Whether you already do lots of international business or hope to broaden your horizons, make sure you can get an international number from your VoIP provider. You can usually get unlimited calling within that country, and you won’t have to pay higher international calling rates. Your customers will greatly appreciate it.

5. Vanity Numbers and Toll-free Numbers

Speaking of phone numbers, what would a business be without a catchy vanity phone number or a toll-free number? Most VoIP providers have these for sale, and if not you can go find one on another marketplace and port it over. Make sure the virtual phone service you choose supports these features.

6. Cloud PBX

If you want to use desk phones, you’re going to need a virtual PBX or cloud PBX. This routes calls to specific devices that you set up on your account. Not every provider has this option, but it’s important if you think your business is going to grow and need IP phones in a physical office space. Better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it.

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