16 Ways a VoIP Phone Service Can Save You Both Time and Money

16 Ways a VoIP Phone Service Can Save You Both Time and Money

In today’s world, efficient communication systems are vital to a business’s success. If you’re still paying expensive long-distance fees because of an old, outdated system, it might be time for a change. A VoIP phone service eliminates these high costs and saves a ton of time. If you’re on the fence about making the change, here are 16 compelling ways that VoIP can help your business do more while paying less.

16 Ways a VoIP Phone Service Can Save You Both Time and Money

1. Eliminate Long-Distance Fees

A small business can easily spend thousands a year on long-distance charges, even if they’re located in the same state as their corporate headquarters! But with VoIP service, you can eliminate these costly long-distance fees because you’re able to connect your office lines to the internet.

2. Unlimited Calling

Phone companies are all too eager to ding you for every minute you spend on the phone that’s over your monthly allotted plan. But since VoIP is internet-based, you can make as many business calls as you need to without spending a cent more.

3. Inexpensive International Calls

Traditional phone companies charge a fortune for international calls, but you don’t pay any extra with VoIP service. This is especially ideal for businesses that have coast-to-coast offices or want to expand into the global marketplace!

4. Facilitates Remote Employees

It’s never been more important for employees to have the ability to work remotely. And with VoIP, your staff can access the business line from home – or anywhere!

Having fewer employees at the office can cut back on energy costs and other building-related expenses.

5. Ideal for Mobile Employees

VoIP services are perfect for employees who are on the road a lot, like your sales team or technicians. They can essentially “take the office with them” by accessing the business line from their mobile.

And services like Find Me / Follow Me ensure that your staff can be reached while on the road anytime!

6. Inexpensive Toll-Free Numbers

Toll-free numbers come at a high cost and require payment in various areas. In addition, if you have an office in multiple states, tracking your minutes and paying for calls in each state becomes a hassle.

With VoIP service, all of your toll-free numbers are connected to the internet to avoid confusion about what number belongs in which place.

7. Low Maintenance Costs

Your VoIP service requires no special hardware or software to run. Even the initial setup cost could run as low as just a few hundred dollars. Also, there are no recurring charges for hardware upgrades or software updates.

Many people who install VoIP services in their offices don’t even need to hire an IT person because the technology requires minimal maintenance. When it comes time to update your system, your providers will ensure you have the latest equipment. In addition, you’ll save time and money by not needing to source or purchase phones or supporting software.

8. Only Pay for What You Need

Most traditional phone companies will saddle you with monthly packages full of features you don’t even use. But most VoIP service providers customize your service, so you only pay for the features you want!

For example, if you only have 10 users, you don’t have to pay for 30. But you can easily add more users and scale your plan as your business grows. Plus, our QuoteMatch tool is designed to help you find the best VoIP service for your businesses’ communication needs!

9. Streamline Operations with AI

With Artificial Intelligence features, you can save even more time by having automated services handle routine communication while you and your team focus on other tasks.

These features work to your benefit because they can operate faster than your employees who are taking calls and there is no waiting for the customer service line to open up again when it’s closed during breaks or at night.

10. Improve Customer Satisfaction

Another benefit to VoIP AI is that it can analyze recordings of phone calls and detect any instances of poor customer service. They can also sense customer satisfaction and identify common issues your customer service reps encounter.

This invaluable data helps you refine your processes to provide the best customer experience possible, which keeps your business growing and thriving; happy customers are returning customers!

11. Eliminate Expensive Equipment

Conventional phone providers often charge exorbitant fees just to update hardware or electrical outlets. And let’s not forget about the expense and hassle of installing the ISDN!

Skip these charges completely when you switch to VoIP phone service since everything is connected via the web.

12. More Productive Conference Calls

Tired of having fruitless, muddled voice meetings? VoIP web conferencing with AI capabilities can provide intuitive prompts and pertinent information to assist you and your team during conference calls, ensuring an efficient, productive meeting.

You can also share media like photos, text, videos, and other files during the call.

13. Make Changes to Your Service Plan in Five Minutes

When you use a traditional phone service, there’s only so much that can be done about your plan. And if you want to make any changes whatsoever, it can take precious time – sometimes even hours – waiting on hold to speak to a representative.

In contrast, with VoIP, you can customize your own plan in five minutes or less. For example, if you want to add a new user, all you need to do is log into your account and you’re done in a few clicks.

14. Voicemail to Email

We all know what it’s like to get busy and forget to check our voicemail. With VoIP, users can make it so that when someone leaves them a voicemail, they receive an email with information about the call and an MP3 file of the message.

Better still, the voicemail can be automatically transcribed and sent to your inbox as text, so you can skim the message quickly without having to log into your voicemail or listen to the message!

15. Less Downtime

It’s a common misconception that if you transition to VoIP, you’d be stuck without a phone should you ever lose your internet connection. On the contrary, if the network goes down, you can always have calls forwarded to your team’s cell phones, ensuring that it’s business as usual even if there’s a power outage.

Meanwhile, if the phone lines go down, you are at the mercy of the telephone company until they can send someone out to repair it.

16. More Efficient Use of Bandwidth

Last but not least, VoIP makes way better use of bandwidth than phone lines do. Not only does VoIP compress the data to take up less bandwidth, but it uses gaps of silence in conversations to free up bandwidth and optimize your resources.

In other words, VoIP is able to accommodate a much higher volume of calls.

It’s safe to say that the benefits of VoIP phone service are numerous. So if you’re still stuck on a legacy phone system – especially one with high monthly fees and long wait times for customer service – then it may be time for an upgrade. Ready to make the switch? Contact us at VoIP Virtual today, and we will find a customized solution for your business!

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