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10 Tips for Finding the Best VoIP for a Small Business

Modern technology continues to change the way that businesses communicate internally, with one another, and with their customers. One new trend that a number of businesses are embracing is voice over IP technology, otherwise known as VoIP. But how do you know how to find the best VoIP for small business that will suit your communication needs?

There are a number of different factors to take into consideration when choosing a VoIP service for your business. Follow these guidelines to help guide yourself to the best decision for your business’ needs.

10 Things to Look for When Finding the Best VoIP for Small Business

1. Fits Your Business’ Specific Needs

What Are Your Business VoIP Needs

The communication demands of your business are going to be unique to you. No VoIP service is a one size fits all solution for all different kinds of businesses. Finding a VoIP provider that fits your business offers a way to get all the service you need in a more convenient way while lowering your overhead costs.

Before considering the many specific factors that go into choosing a VoIP service, ask yourself a few questions about what your business needs. How many lines will you need? In addition to simply handling calls and voicemails, what additional communication features does your business need? Assessing your communication needs ahead of time will help you make the best choice when choosing a VoIP provider.

2. Integration With Third-Party Services

Aircall VoIP Service

A major advantage that VoIP services offer over traditional phone lines is that they mesh so well with other services to provide a cohesive experience. Video call software, CRM technology, productivity management systems, and so much more can work in harmony with your VoIP service to help work get done more efficiently.

Consider what other services your business uses on a day-to-day basis. If possible, look for VoIP services that include compatibility with the other tools that you or your workforce uses. With all of your services working in synch with one another, you’ll have an easier time handling tasks and see a boost in productivity.

3. Call Management Features

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Convenient set-up and better-value pricing aren’t the only reasons that small business owners find VoIP solutions so attractive. Many of these services also come equipped with additional functionalities that you don’t get as part of normal service from a standard phone provider.

Virtual numbers, integrated contact lists, and caller ID are just some of the additional benefits you may enjoy when you utilize a VoIP service. You also may find some features that few traditional phone lines can handle, such as the ability to forward voicemails to colleagues with a single click or to transcribe voicemails to text.

4. Assistance with Onboarding

voip onboarding

VoIP services are often much easier to setup and start using than what you would experience with a traditional phone line. However, that doesn’t mean there are guarantees that everything will go off without a hitch. Unexpected situations occur with just about any technology, so pick a VoIP service that will provide you with assistance if

5. Proper Security Features

Secure VoIP Services

VoIP services transmit data across the internet to achieve the functionality that they offer. However, this does come with some inherent risks if that data is not handled correctly. The threat of malicious third parties accessing data that your business uses is something that you need to account for.

To stay ahead of potential problems, only choose the best VoIP for small business needs that offer strong security features to protect your business’ data. Strong end-to-end encryption when transferring files or more advanced protection such as multi-factor authentication offer you the peace of mind that comes from knowing your data is safe.

6. Backups of Your Data

voip backup feature

In case of an emergency where you lose communication data associated with your VoIP service, a provider who offers backups of that data can be a lifesaver. It pays to plan ahead for such an emergency rather than trying to control the damage after the fact.

Cloud-based technology that some VoIP providers offer is one reliable form of backup storage that you should look for. The ability to keep your data on easy-to-access servers provides a helpful line of defense against costly set-backs to your business that hurt your bottom line.

7. Consistent Reliability

voip uptime 24/7

Communication is an essential facet of your business. Even momentary lapses in your ability to communicate effectively throughout your organization can lead to a disruption that harms your business. That’s why it’s essential that you choose a VoIP service that has the reliability to always be there when you need it.

One thing to look for in this regard is a VoIP provider that has multiple servers in a number of different locations. That ensures that even if one server runs into a problem or experiences an outage, you will still have access to the services that you rely on in the everyday operations of your business.

8. Availability of Support

voip support center

Although VoIP services offer greater convenience than traditional phone lines in a number of ways, there is a possibility you may run into some roadblocks while using your service. When something goes wrong, it’s a necessity that you have the support you need to get any issues resolved and get your usual flow of business back on track.

Before deciding on the best VoIP for small business that suits your needs, look into the support options that the service you’re considering provides. Having 24/7 support is important, especially if your business operates at all hours as so many do. You’ll also want to see that they have support available in formats that you find convenient, whether that be live chat, email, or phone support.

9. Reviews from Past Customers

review all voip service providers

When you make any decision for your business, you want to have the most information possible before making the final call. Customer reviews left by business owners who have used a particular VoIP service in the past can be a great resource in finding the best VoIP for small business.

Ideally, you’ll want to find a provider who has an established track record of success. Look for a long, proven record of quality, though you may also want to consider promising new arrivals on the VoIP market in order to get a better price. However, be wary of unreliable providers, as failure in your business’ communication is unacceptable in today’s fast-paced economy.

10. Compare Multiple Price Offers

Compare Business VoIP Service Providers

As with any purchase, you don’t want to make a final decision until you’ve shopped around to find the best price. Having the right comparative tools can make all the difference in this crucial step of making the best choice for your business. You’ll be able to quickly look at a number of different services and take a number of different factors into consideration with a quick and convenient comparison.

Our easy-to-use tools will give you everything you need to make the correct VoIP decision for your business. With our help, you’ll get personalized quotes, user reviews from past customers of a provider, and much more all in an interface that makes your searches simple and stress-free. Visit VoIPVirtual today and let us help you find the right VoIP solution for your business needs!

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